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  • High Protein Premium Deer & Elk

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    Buck-N-Bull Deer and Elk Feed can be used in all conditions and all stages of production. Making use of a high-quality deer feed allows producers to optimize
    the genetic potential of the herd. This unique formula supports a diet focused on maintaining adequate energy and protein levels, while utilizing existing roughage sources.

    • 7.0% Crude Protein - Min.
    • 4.5% Crude Fat - Min.
    • 17.0% Crude Fibel - Max.
    • 9.0% Ash - Max.
    • Highly palatable
    • Multiple sources of highly digestible energy & fiber
    • Supports antler growth, density and strength
    • Supports a balanced diet offering necessary protein, vitamins and minerals to support optimum energy levels and maintain good overall health
    • Protein levels support reproductive success, milk production and growth and health in the young

    Feed Buck-N-Bull Deer and Elk Feed to at the rate of 2-6 pounds per head per day depending on size and condition of deer or elk along with good quality forage. Buck-N-Bull Feeds are best to be fed in gravity flow or through covered feeders where the feed will not be directly expose to rain and moisture.

    A feeding program is most effective if managed properly. Results will vary depending on feed intake and environmental conditions.

    When changing rations, the change should be made gradually over a period of
    two weeks.

    This feed contains vitamin and mineral levels adequate for most situations. It is usually not necessary to provide a supplemental source of vitamins and minerals.Always make forage available in addition to the provided rations of Buck-N-Bull Feed.

    Provide a source of fresh, clean water at all times and provide salt free of choice.