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  • Cowboy Red Pellet

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    • Cowboy Red Pellets are an excellent fiber supplement to a horse’s pasture forage and/or hay.
    • Feeding Red Pellets with quality hay and forage makes for a nutritionally balanced diet with desirable protein levels.
    • Recommended as a replacement for hay at a rate up to 40%.
    • (60% hay/forage 40% red pellet.)
      *Each horse is unique and should be fed to maintain desired body condition and performance.
    • Our feed is formulated without binders, which allows for a softer pellet that is desirable for senior horses or hard keepers.
    • Working horses are suggested to have a ration of up to 11.5% protein. Most alfalfa hay and grain mixes have too much protein for a horse to utilize.

    Three Natural Ingredients:
    Almond Hulls, Beet Pulp and Rice Bran

    Typical Analysis

    • Crude Protein 7.8%
    • Crude Fat 6.3%
    • Crude Fiber 15.7%
    • Starch 7%
    • Almond Hulls are a highly digestible fiber source that horses love to eat.
    • Feeding Almond hulls are a highly palatable and digestible Fiber with less starch, making them a calmer feed source than most grains.
    • They give your horse great energy with better digestion.

    *Our pellets are easy to store, easy to feed and produce less waste than long stem hay.

    • When feeding Red Pellet, always have quality hay or pasture available.
    • Provide adequate vitamin and mineral supplementation.
    • Salt should be available free of choice.
    • Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times except to hot, tired horses.

    *Horses should always be cooled our properly before having access to unlimited water or being fed.

    • Feed horses at a rate of 8.4 lbs per day as a fiber supplement.
    • Split the recommended feeding levels into two or more feedings each day.
    • Make all feeding changes gradually over a two-week period.