Rice Bran Bites & Crumbles

Rice Bran Bites & Crumbles

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Cowboy’s Choice Stabilized Rice Bran are rich on plant-based fat and fiber. As an excellent supplement to your Horse’s current feeding program, the bites work well with all of the different classes of horses. Stabilized Rice Bran supports growth in young horses, they give working horses the calories they need to support their activity and they help underweight horses improve their body condition. The plant-based fat supports the development of slick, shiny coat. Cowboy’s Choice Stabilized Rice Bran is highly palatable with less starch than most supplements, making it a calmer feed source than most grains. These tasty treats give your horse great energy with better digestion. Rice Bran Bites and Crumbles are easy to store, easy to feed and produce less waste than long stem hay.



Make all feeding changes gradually over a two-week period.

HORSES: Feed to maintenance horses at the rate of 0.5 to 1 lbs per 100 lbs of bodyweight per head per day based on body condition and level of activity. Each horse is unique and should be fed to maintain desired body condition and performance. Split the recommended feeding levels into two or more feedings each day.

CATTLE: Feed to cattle at the rate of 0.5 to 1 lbs per 100 lbs of bodyweight as a fiber supplement.


IMPORTANT: NOT A COMPLETE FEED. Have a good quality hay or pasture available. Provide adequate vitamin and mineral supplementation. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times except to hot, tired horses. Horses should be cooled out properly before having access to unlimited water or being fed. Salt should be available free of choice.



Crude Protein              Min.                 12.0%

Crude Fat                    Min.                 15.0%

Crude Fiber                 Max.                9.0%

Ash                              Max.                10.0%




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