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Cowgirl Complete Pellet

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Cowgirl Complete Pellets are designed to fully cover Equine needs for fiber and nutrients. As a hay replacer, it can be fed alone with no additional hay or feed needed!

These pellets are a natural, non-GMO, preservative-, dye- and Gluten-free alternative. A complete and high-fiber feed, 100% hay-replacement for any horse. Also perfect for horses with respiratory allergies, digestive problems (impaction colics, diarrhea, watery manure between normal bowel movements) and bad teeth. To create a mash if needed, soak the pellets 15-20 minutes before feeding. Use approximately one cup of water per every two pounds of pellets.

  • Always low starch content
  • Balances iron overload, ideal for IR-challenged horses
  • Time-controlled intestinal energy absorption, no “insulin spikes”
  • Natural full-spectrum amino acid profile

What does my horse need in addition?

Cowgirl Complete Pellets contain all essential vitamins and minerals needed for pleasure horses and horses in light work. Provide clean water and white salt at free choice. That’s it. Extreme performance might increase the need for certain nutrients. Questions? Contact us.

Feeding Instructions:

Complete Hay Replacement:

Feed 1.3 pounds per 100 lbs bodyweight for easy keeper. Feed 2 pounds per 100 lbs bodyweight for hard keeper or free feed. For complete hay replacement, split total amount into 2-3 feedings In general, do not exceed 6 pounds of any pellets per feeding.

Partial hay replacement or in addition as concentrate:

The first day introduce the pellets by feeding about one pound. Increase (resp. exchange) feed by one pound each day.

Transition from all-hay to all-pellets:

Every four to five days, replace one flake of hay (average). The first day, introduce the pellets by feeding about one pound. Increase by one pound per day until 4-5 pounds are reached, which replaces a flake of hay. Every four to five days, replace one flake of hay with 4-5 pounds of pellets for same caloric intake.



Digestible Energy (DE):                       0.8 – 1.1 Mcal/lbs

Dietary Starch*                                   max. 4%

Sugar*                                                 max. 11%

Crude Fiber                                         min. 19%

Crude Fiber                                         max. 26%

Crude Protein                                      11-12%

Crude Fat                                            min. 2%

ADF                                                     max. 29%

Copper                                                 min. 90 ppm


Copper added to balance iron:copper ratio

*NSC (Non-Structural Carbohydrates) = Dietary Starch + Sugar



Suncured Alfalfa Meal, Almond Hulls, Beet Pulp, Rice Bran

NOTE: Product ships in pallet quantities. Shipping rates vary. For individual bags, please check the dealer locator for a store near you.